Enneagram Coaching

Coaching with the Enneagram

Sometimes you feel stuck. Sometimes you feel stale. It could be personally or professionally, or both. Sometimes you have a longing for more joy, fulfillment, and progress. I want to help you work toward your goals for your growth and development. Utilizing the Enneagram, our sessions will be tailored just for you and the growth you want to see in your life. We will begin with the goals you want to accomplish. Next, utilizing the Enneagram, I will help you gain clarity regarding who you are and where you are. Then, and only then, will we formulate a path forward toward your goals. Coaching is tailored for individuals or couples. Each session consists of 60 minutes. Contact me for a free 30 minute call to discuss what I offer and the right fit for you.

What to expect:

  • You will discover your Enneagram type
  • You will make progress toward discovering your sub-type
  • You will discover practices to assist in your personal growth and development
  • You will craft a growth plan specific to your type and needs


Discovery – 4 sessions focusing on self-discovery.
Discovery + – 8 sessions focusing on self-discovery, goal identification, and plan formation.
Discovery + Development – 12 sessions focusing on self-discover, goal identification, plan formation and execution.

Become the person, spouse, teammate, employee, or employer you’ve always wanted to be!


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