GOAL focused – bring your dreams into reality!

You may have goals, dreams, or desires that we would like to accomplish, but sometimes you feel stuck for whatever reason. I’ve experienced that. So have you. A coach can walk alongside of us, however, with questions and a listening ear, to provide, support, encouragement, and accountability in a way that help us move forward.

What is Coaching? 

You may be wondering, “What do you mean by a coach or coaching?” Great question. Coaching is not mentoring. Simply put, mentoring is “pouring into” a person, while coaching is “drawing out of” a person. A mentor is someone who shares wisdom from their life or work experience to someone who is coming along behind the mentor in terms of life or professional experience. A coach’s role, however, is to ask strategic questions that help a client gain the clarity and focus to move them forward toward a goal they have identified. In a coaching relationship, the client determines the goal they want to focus on. It could be a personal goal, a professional goal, relational goal, etc. It could be a “big” or “small” goal. It simply needs to be very important to you, the client. What is it you really want to accomplish?

What to expect:
We would meet together for a minimum of 6 sessions. The first would be between and 60 and 90 minutes. In that first session we would get to know each other a little, establish our working partnership, and determine the goal you want to work toward. The remaining sessions would be around an hour, and we would further explore the goal you want to work toward and establish action steps you want to take.


Discovery – 6 sessions focusing on identifying the goal and concrete action steps
Discovery + – 10 sessions focusing on self-discovery, identifying the goal and action steps 
Discovery + Development – 12 sessions focusing on self-discover, goal identification, plan formation and execution.
I believe in you and the future you want for yourself. I want to come alongside you and support you in working toward that future. If you’d like that kind of help in achieving the vision that you have, let’s roll up our selves and get to work.